About Our Department

Nursing Research has a huge impact on present and future professional Nursing practice, making it an important part of the training process. Narayana College of Nursing encourages and supports Nurses to participate in research in order to develop a firm foundation of evidence upon which to construct stronger health-care practices and has adequate infrastructure to enable teaching- learning and research activities and consists of experienced faculty members with inestimable passion for teaching and research activities. Nursing research was commenced in the year of 2004 with B.Sc (N) program, with M.Sc.(N) in the year of 2008, with PBBSC (N) in the year of 2010 and Ph.D in the year of 2018 in the specialty of obstetrics and gynecological Nursing, Medical Surgical Nursing, Psychiatry Nursing. The Nursing Research subject taught to G.N.M, B.Sc (N), P.B.B.Sc (N), and M.Sc (N). The goal is to achieve better care standards and applications for patients and families.


Narayana college of Nursing will be a universal leader for innovations, researches, education, attitude and practice to create positive changes in all health care outcomes.

  • To graduate national and international professional competent nurses and midwives at the undergraduate and the graduate and post graduate levels.
  • To prepare graduates to be morally reflective health care leaders and scholars, who can positively transform health and health care.
  • The faculty efforts focus on promoting research and scholarship to improve human health and develop nursing and midwifery professions at the local, Regional, and international levels.
  • Faculty



    1. Describe the concepts of research, terms, need and areas of research in nursing.
    2. Explain the steps of research project.
    3. Identify and state the research problems and objects.
    4. Review literature utilizing various sources.
    5. Describe the research approaches and design.
    6. Explain the sampling process.
    7. Describe the methods of data collection.
    8. Analyze, interpret and summarize the research data.
    9. Explain the use of statistics, scales of measurement and graphical presentation of data.
    10. Describe the measures of central tendency, variability and methods of correlation.
    11. Describe vital statistics and there use in health related research.
    12. Use of statistical packages for data analysis.
    13. Communicate and utilize the research findings.
    14. Critically evaluate nursing research studies.
    15. Write scientific paper for publication


      On completion of this subject, participants should be able to:
    1. Students will enhance their knowledge with various teaching methods.
    2. Students will enrich their knowledge in research through applying their theoretical knowledge into conducting a research project.
    3. It improves research expertise and interprofessional development.
    4. Carry out a substantial research-based project
    5. Demonstrate capacity to improve student achievement, engagement and retention
    6. Demonstrate capacity to lead and manage change through collaboration with others
    7. Demonstrate an understanding of the ethical issues associated with practitioner research
    8. Analyze data and synthesize research findings
    9. Report research findings in written and verbal forms
    10. Use research findings to advance education theory and practice.

    Action Plan

    Plan Of Action

    1. (BRICS)2 method
    2. Concept mapping
    3. Jigsaw method
    4. Debate
    5. Assignments
    6. Seminars
    7. Practice teaching classes
    8. Quiz competitions
    9. Group discussion
    10. problem based learning, Inter professional learning,
    11. computer assisted learning method,
    12. competency based learning method,
    13. Critical thinking.
    14. Organizing FDPS
    15. Attending enrichment programs.
    16. Attending conferences
    17. Presenting poster/ papers in conference & workshop
    18. Short term courses/refreshment courses.
    19. Performance appraisal for progress.

    Result Analysis


    Research Activities


    Department Activites

    1. Faculty development program.
    2. Conducting conferences and workshops.
    3. Publications and presentations.
    4. Collaborations.
    5. Institutional Innovation Council.
    6. Institutional Ethics Committee.
    7. ICMR.
    8. CTRI.
    9. UGSRS.
    10. IQAC.
    11. Doctoral committee.
    12. Research grants.

    Social responsiblites

    1. Students will enrich their knowledge in research through applying their theoretical knowledge into conducting a research project in community
    2. Use research findings to advance education theory and practices in different setting.