About Our Department

Nursing is a profession that includes fast navigation and high-pressure circumstances, which inclinations Solid administration for all workplaces. Quality Nurse Management is vital when creating successful Nursing teams. With this key concept, the Narayana college of Nursing separated Nursing Management as an ancillary department apart from major specialties in 2006, intending to prepare the effective and influential Nurse Managers with a strong, powerful nursing fraternity. Department has the adequate well-facilitated infrastructure, NAAC accredited parent hospital for the world class Nurse Managers with leadership skills. The students actively participate in activities such as Material Management, writing event reports, Anecdotes, inventory control, helping with the creation of Ward Rotation plans, day and Night reports, Nurses reports, budget plans and organization structure of various departments in the hospital, which are supervised by clinical instructors. During the COVD19 pandemic, all faculties are actively involved in direct patient care and supervisory duties. The Nursing management department achieves 99 to 100 percent results every year. The department faculty are authored a book that is being published. The department's main strengths are highly qualified, dedicated and experienced teaching staff who cultivate critical thinking skills in decision making in all situations to ensure quality care, comprehensive analysis of college and hospital performance, and cultivation of human relationships and finally to inculcate quest for perfection among the students


Narayana College of Nursing will be an universal leader for innovations, research, education, attitude and practice to create positive changes as nurse manger thereby improving the leadership qualities of Nurse and in all health care settings.

We are catalyst to optimize supervisory health care services to Nurses as Nurse Managers with leadership qualities to improve health for all.



  • Impact the leadership qualities in Nursing students.
  • Plan and manage the nursing services in the hospital and community.
  • Organize and manage a Nursing unit effectively.
  • Innovative trends and issues in nursing.
  • Organize to Participate in planning and organizing in service education.
  • To develop administrative skills in term of supervisory internship.
  • Demonstrate skills in conducting health related research.
  • To assist Nurses in development and flourishing of their personalities of professionalism.

Action Plan

Plan Of Action

Result Analysis



Department Activites

  • Faculty development programs.
  • Performance appraisal of students at clinicals during internship postings
  • Supervised evaluation of leadership and Managerial skills with checklist.
  • Practice Teaching for postgraduate students.
  • SWOC


    1. Self-motivated and highly organized
    2. Participate in planning and organizing in service education programme
    3. Creative Virtual Environment for Advanced Learning
    4. Provide teaching practice to Postgraduate Students
    5. Ability to work in team
    6. Innovative teaching Methods like (BRICS)2
    7. Peer led team based Learning
    8. Mentorship program
    9. 99-100 % in University Examination


    1. Work life balance.


    1. Faculty Pursue higher degrees in Nursing
    2. Professional advancement
    3. Diversity work progress.
    4. Incentives for Research
    5. Inculcate Good Behaviour


    1. Increases personal accomplishments such as Publish articles in indexed journals.