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Education is an engine for the growth and progress of any society. It not only imparts knowledge, skills and inculcates values, but is also responsible for building human capital which breeds, drives and sets technological innovation and economic growth for giving more important. Department of Nursing Education is established in Narayana College of Nursing to facilitate the UG, PG students to acquire all three Cognitive, Affective, and Psychomotor to maintain effective interpersonal relationship.
The Department of Nursing Education was established in the year of 2004with the UG and PG programme which started in the year 2008, PBBSC (N) in the year 2010. It has adequate infrastructure to facilitate teaching- learning and research activities. The department consists of experienced faculty members with immeasurable passion for teaching and research activities.

  • Describe the communication process
  • Identify techniques of effective communication
  • Establish effective inter-personal relations with patients, families & co-workers
  • Develop effective human relations in context of nursing
  • Develop basic skill of counseling and guidance
  • Describe the philosophy & principles of education
  • Explain the teaching learning process
  • Demonstrate teaching skill using various teaching methods in clinical, classroom and community settings.
  • Prepare and use different types of educational media effectively
  • Prepare different types of questions for assessment of knowledge, skills and attitudes
  • Teach individuals, groups and communities about health with their active

We focus on skill development by using multimedia technology as an innovative teaching and learning strategy. We practice problem-based learning and Competency Based Learning in education. Mind map used by faculties to explain concepts in an innovative way for enhance visual quality, high impact in the minds of the students and practicing the core aspect the faculties. Role play, scenario analysis based teaching, problem based learning, Inter professional learning, critical thinking are some of the other innovative methods adopted by the faculties. Students are encouraged for creative skills in preparing different A.V aids. The learners are continuously evaluated with formative and summative assessments. The outcomes of the performances are evaluated during their teaching practice in the class room by experienced faculties. The department procures 99-100 percent results every year. The university Results of Nursing Education Department from 2017-2018 results shows, out of 97 students 6 (6.2%) Procured Distinctions,57 (58.7%) students procured First class and 37 (38%) procured second class. 2018-2019 results shows, out of 99 students 23(23%) Procured Distinctions,45 (45%) students procured First class and 23 (23%) procured second class. 2019-2020 results shows, out of 93 students 33(35%) Procured Distinctions,35(37.6%) students procured First class and 24 (25%) procured second class. 2020-2021 results shows, out of 97 students (6.2%) Procured Distinctions,57 (58.7%) students procured First class and 37 (38%) procured second class.
Our department has an excellent collection of books of latest edition, which will enhance the teaching learning aspects the ultimate aim of the Department is to prepare students who will approach challenges with curiosity and creativity, display a strong sense of personal and professional identity and have developed independent learners with high self efficacy. The following are the activities carried out by the department which includes Guidance and counseling techniques like Virtual counseling, Problem solving skills, Peer mediation, trained students as mentors and Crisis counseling with extra support by specialized teachers.
Nowadays there is democratization of knowledge and the role of the teacher is changing to that of facilitator and this changing role of education is inevitable with the introduction of multimedia technology and the spawning of a technologically-savvy generation of youths. This concept is well understood and the Department is renowned for applying the evidential rigorous of research to the evaluation and enhancement of educational practice.

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