About Our Department

The OBG Nursing department's strategy is to acquire knowledge and compassionate evidence-based clinical skills for rendering care to normal and high risk pregnant women and neonates in hospitals and community setting. The Department commenced in the year 2002, departmental library with an adequate books of latest editions, a well-equipped advanced 1500 sq.ft skill Laboratory to promote safe, midwifery care by demonstrating and reinforcing the highest level of performance, learning realistic and authentic care provision.. Prowess faculties are committed to implement the curriculum, among faculties, two are already awarded PhD, three are currently pursuing who are expected to complete in the year 2022 .


Narayana college of Nursing will be a universal leader for innovations, researches, education, attitude and practice to create positive changes in all health care outcomes.

The mission of Obstetrics and Gynecological Nursing department is for optimizing maternal and child health through nurse led health care by integrating education, application, research and technology to create innovative solutions that improve health for all.



  1. Demonstrate compassionate care to women in reproductive age group
  2. Educate couple and family members for danger signs and get medical care immediately
  3. Practice competent and evidence based perinatal care
  4. Recognize high risk pregnancies and follow standard protocols to prevent Complications
  5. Identify obstetrical emergencies in time and take appropriate life saving interventions
  6. Organize and manage high dependency unit of NICU with modern technologies
  7. Educate parents and family member for baby friendly initiatives in the family
  8. Counsel the eligible couple for family welfare services
  9. Involve in induction and in service training programs to health care personal
  10. Update with current trends in OBG nursing
  11. Conduct Research and capstone projects for publication
  12. Practice leadership qualities to manage various critical situations
  13. Advocate for women’s rights through out the reproductive cycle and menopause
  14. Develop soft skills to compete with global work forces
  15. Acquire skill for Midwifery practitioners through Nurse led limits

Action Plan

Plan Of Action

  1. Conduct orientation to students of all programme Continue Innovative method of teaching - (BRICS)2 method of teaching
  2. Conduct orientation to students of all programme Continue Innovative method of teaching - (BRICS)2 method of teaching
  3. Provide conducive environment for evidence based midwifery learning and practice
  4. Carry out workshops ,conference to enhance the skill of the students
  5. Develop clinical skill by clinical experience by demonstration ,clinical presentation nursing audit ,nursing rounds ,case study with the heal log book
  6. Creating awareness among student by field visit and community outreach activities
  7. Guide individualized research project and dissemination of result by publication
  8. Mentor mentee programme to guide to the students
  9. Encourage student in participating of co-curriculum and outreach activities
  10. Periodic evaluation of student for theory by means of weekly ,daily and internal assessment exam (3 assessment exam) and practical by weekly practical exam .
  11. Given feedback to student about exam within 3 day of exam completion of evaluation of assignment.
  12. Analysis of feedback from students about learning experience.

Result Analysis


Research Activities

Best Practices

  • Wall teaching method
  • (BRICS) 2
  • Capstone project
  • Competency Based Practices.
  • Theory based learning
  • Critical analysis
  • Experiential learning
  • Clinical presentations
  • Nursing Audit in clinical
  • Nursing Rounds in clinical

Department Activites

Social responsiblites