Head of the Institutions

Dr.Indira. A,
M.Sc. (N), Ph.D., MBA(HA) .

Clinical - 15 years
Teaching - 23 years
Administration - from 1999 onwards


2004		Jewel of India 
2005		National Mahila Rathan Award 
2009		Best Educationalist Award 
2011		Golden Personality Award 
2011		Bharath Excellence Award 	
2012		Bharath Mahila Award 
2012		Adhunik Prasanti Award  
2012		TNAI Membership Enrolled Award 
2013		Indian Gold Star Award 
2013		Global Excellence Award 
2015		Life Time Achievement Award 
2016		The Indian Global Golden Award 
2016		Sparking Indian Award 
2017		Economic Growth and National Unity Award	 
2017		Mother Teresa Global Award 
2017		Rising Son of India Award 
2019		Economic Growth & National Unity (Friendship forum) 
2019		India’s Most Admired Personality Award (Friendship forum) 
2019		Acharya Vidya Ratan Award (Friendship forum) 
2019		International Women of the year Award (Friendship forum)  
2021		Most Outstanding Service Award (Friendship forum) 
2021		Global Golden Award (Friendship forum)
2021		Shining Star of India Award(Friendship forum)
2022		International Intellectual Achievement Awards(Friendship forum)
2022		Global Achievers Awards (Friendship forum)


Publications :185
Presentations :20

Research Guide : More than 700

Editor-in-Chief : Narayana Nursing Journal ISSN 2278 - 5361

Member in Board of Studies :Dr. N.T.R. University of Health Sciences, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. Digital Library Membership TEXILA UNIVERSITY, CANADA

TNAI - Life membership, National
Sigma-Theta-Tau, International

Nursing is a Caring Profession. Nursing Emerges from a Vocation to a different discipline by its nature and body of knowledge. Nursing cares humankind by its evidence based trio domains named as Cognitive, affective and Psychomotor (Knowledge, Skill and Practice). The first woman is the first nurse of this world. Yes, the scope of nursing is everlasting and universe.

I wish you all the best for selecting the noble profession. Narayana Nursing Institutions provide you the best platform to develop you as a Nurse Clinician, Practitioner, Administrator, Researcher and a Leader by its own way of structured teaching, practicing and evaluating your progress regularly. Narayana Nursing Institutions created an environment to participate in caring profession and preparing you for various dimensions to cope with the Noble and Loving profession of this Universe.