• Why should I choose nursing as a career?
    Nursing is one of the best career choices for men and women in the 21st Century. The career outlook is excellent for the nursing field, with an estimated 100,000 vacant positions. Other major plus points are:
    . Nursing is one of the most respected professions in the world.
    . Nursing is expected to grow faster than all other occupations through 2008
    . Variety of opportunities for nurses is endless.
    . Nurses can earn a competitive salary and work anywhere in the world.
    . Nurses can specialize in the same way doctors do
    A nursing degree will open doors in all kinds of practice settings and provide a future promoting health, preventing disease, and helping patients cope with illness. Nurses can work as advocates and health educators for patients, families and communities. Thus, nursing offers abundance of opportunities in countless settings. With a nursing degree, you can use the opportunities that fit you best to choose your career path.
  • What is that makes NARAYANA an ideal choice?
    At NARAYANA, students are encouraged to achieve their full potential within an open, liberal and facilitative environment. We stress upon patient/client as the primary focus and seek to make a major contribution to nursing education through excellence in the provision of teaching for pre- and post-registration nurses and midwives and in the conduct of world-class research.
  • Is your course accredited?
    Yes, it is affiliated to Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences and recognised by Indian Nursing Council, thanks to our high quality infrastructure and learning environment.
  • What is a B.Sc(N)?
    The Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree is a 4-year college degree with a major in nursing. This allows you to take the national license exam to become a Registered Nurse, or allow you to go to school for specialty fields or get a Master's degree. It also allows you to take on many roles in the health care environment. In general, B.Sc(N) nurses are prepared to fill supervisory or administrative positions, earn a graduate degree, or become nurse educators. Many management jobs now require a B.Sc(N).
  • What makes your nursing course unique?
    Three reasons - a nursing internship, a research practicum experience, and a community-based course. With these three, students acquire a clinical experience of top quality and the confidence and expertise to become a Registered Nurse. Students will also get to participate in an on-going nursing research project that will assist in understanding how evidence-based nursing practice improves the quality of health care. The community-based course provides the opportunity to work in partnership with experienced nurses focusing on promoting health.
  • What do you look at when evaluating an application?
    Our admission process is rigorous. We review your high school transcript to determine how you have fared in your courses and whether you have the aptitude and capability to pursue a demanding nursing career.
  • How available is the faculty outside of class?
    Faculty has designated office hours to meet privately with students. If students are unable to meet during these specified hours, faculty will make special arrangements to meet with you at a mutually convenient time.